Boil (2005)

TRT: 4:13 minutes
Audio: Mono (Silent sections as well)

At our local zoo the coy live in a large man-made lake, over which a pedestrian bridge connects the North and South areas of the zoo. From the bridge visitors can purchase small food pellets to drop down to the fish. When the scarcity of the pellets meets the abundance of coy, a phenomenon called a boil forms, in which the coy swarm in a circle attempting to find a pellet amongst the masses. Observing the coy as they struggle to find food, I couldn’t help being simultaneously captivated and disturbed by the beauty of the survivalist dance below and the delight of the spectators above. The juxtaposition that unfolds in the video Boil explores, through poetic comparison, the phenomena of a fish boil and its similarity to human interaction.