Jetty (2003)

TRT: 6:00 minutes

In thinking of “Jetty” I can only really speak about what compelled me to shoot the video. I was visiting Portland, Oregon and went on a day trip to the coast. There were two jetties of rock that had been built and I was standing on one of them. Looking out on the ocean I noticed a fishing boat. I was struck by the tension of the moment between the boat, the force of the ocean and the fixed jetty. The intention of the boat was clear, to simply leave the ocean and go home. In this seemly simple and ordinary act a extraordinary moment of truth was revealed to me. “Jetty”, like many things, is about the necessity and, most importantly, the beauty of things working in their own time.

was selected best in show at the Sioux City Arts Center’s 59th Juried Exhibition by James Rondeau, at that time he was the Frances and Thomas Dittmer Curator of Contemporary Art at The Art Institute of Chicago.